The Secret Code – The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code

The Secret Code - The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code

One inquiry with respect to the Holy Grail that the early archaic essayists asked was "who does it serve?" Well, how about we view the ongoing Grail world and check whether it is serving us, or would we say we are serving it?

Momentarily and for those among us who have been in the world Sanity for the last not many of years, the Da Vinci Code is a fiction a based around a man code that uncovers the genuine personality of the Holy Grail to be just the actual bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Tragically the writer, Dan Brown, how to join the illuminati online his now scandalous book to be founded on genuinely real associations and occasions. This anyway couldn't possibly be more off-base.

Cloister of Sion

This as far as anyone knows antiquated and mysterious gathering purportedly once had Leonardo da Vinci himself as a Grand Master, also Nicolas Flamel and Isaac Newton. Nonetheless, there is no reality in it by any means. Sion was the name of a slope close by the homes of Pierre Plantard and Gerade de Sede - two of the first makers of the Priory of Sion deception.

The reports of the Priory emitted in the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris have been demonstrated to be imitations. As a matter of fact the main honest duplicates of anything for Mr Plantard in the Paris Library are bulletins from the 1950's for a somewhat exhausting lodging affiliation, whining about the condition of the roads, and, surprisingly, this is in incredibly unfortunate French.

Every one of the troublemakers of this surrealist lie have conceded their creation on record. From one perspective they said it was a surrealist joke and on the other a sort of self absorbed ploy to be acknowledged by society.

Sang Real

One of the principal bits of proof for the books about the bloodline of Christ, from Holy Blood, Holy Grail to The Templar Revelation has been the translation of the first term utilized for the Holy Grail - San Graal. In the 80's book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent et al, we find that they decipher this in an unexpected way, putting the g from graal onto the finish of san, making sang genuine. This then deciphers as imperial or heavenly blood. Mixing up a straightforward blunder by a fifteenth century author - the just at any point time the mistake was made until the 1980's - they put together a whole hypothesis with respect to some falsehood. Sir Walter Skeat, probably the best etymologist England has at any point made even said a long time back that this blunder was "early misrepresented" and for what closes he didn't have any idea. He brought up that truth be told the first idea implied blending bowl, which obviously relates completely with the hypothesis I set forward in The Serpent Grail.

Leonardo da Vinci

Thus, now that we know the genuine historical background of san graal and that the Priory of Sion never truth be told existed, we ought to likewise realize that Leonardo could never have been a stupendous expert of a none existing request that safeguarded a mysterious that additionally didn't exist.

As a matter of fact, all the verifiable foundation and data on Leonardo uncovers that he was a gifted and magnificent craftsman - so no extraordinary disclosure there then, at that point.

Be that as it may, there are those unusual components of his artworks, which the Da Vinci Code and others get on. Take the female looking person in the Last Supper for example. Many have highlighted the way that this singular looks amazingly ladylike. Indeed, he does. Others have highlighted the Mona Lisa as being not exactly sufficiently ladylike and that clearly the sitter probably been a kid. Utilizing these suspicions many have guaranteed that Leonardo was subsequently gay. It is increasingly entertaining constantly exactly how far this elastic band can be extended, before it comes plunging back and smacks someone in the face.

So what is reality? Is that a woman in the Last Supper? No.

There was a practice of painting the follower that Christ adored, John the Evangelist, as a somewhat innocent individual, subsequently carrying inquiries to the psyche of numerous with respect to whether Jesus himself was gay. As a matter of fact I found this to be essential for an antiquated Gnostic custom by which the two Johns, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, were different sides to the duality - male and female, positive and negative, which should have been rejoined to be finished. Thusly John the Evangelist was seen as the female standard in this connection, while John the Baptist was the masculine whiskery wild figure.

It was additionally essential for the secret practice of the painter's society of an opportunity to incorporate hermaphroditic components inside their compositions for this very reason. This gender ambiguous component is there as an image of the association of contrary energies referenced previously, of man and lady, of male and female, of the different sides of our psyche which need bringing into association back to shape the ideal human.

Did Jesus and Mary wed and have kids?

To answer this one we want to separate it.

Right off the bat, on the off chance that Jesus wedded Mary Magdalene, we need to concede that Jesus and Mary existed in any case. Despite the fact that we have a significant measure of literary proof for these scriptural characters, this is because of the sheer measure of duplicating being done many years after the alleged occasion. We have no genuine texts naming either character from the period, the majority of the texts date many years later.

Regardless of whether we concede that these individuals were genuine, then, at that point, we would need to concede that Jesus strolled on water, cast out evil presences into pigs and bite the dust and revive. That, or we would have another choice: That the personality of Jesus, very much like that of Robin Hood and King Arthur, depended on a genuine man some place and every one of the extra legendary and enchanted components were added into the story. Similarly as Robin wedded Marion (Mary) and Arthur wedded Guinevere, so too along these lines - that is legendary - Jesus might have hitched Mary - despite the fact that there is no text based proof for this.

Both Marion and Mary are something very similar and suggest water and astuteness. Guinevere comes from comparative roots particularly as the sovereign of paradise, which was a title for Mary the Mother of Jesus and Isis the Mother of Horus-and as numerous researchers have called attention to the two Mary's may as a matter of fact be mixtures of a lot more established fantasy.

Guinevere is likewise the 'sovereign of snakes' and hence information and shrewdness and her name is connected in historical background to Eve which implies female snake and means that insight.

Similarly as the early Christian church was framing gatherings, for example, the Gnostic Ophites or snake admirers, raising their fellowship cup to the great snake they were additionally parting the triple mother goddess - Mary - into particular parts. First the Mother Mary, then, at that point, the Sister Mary and afterward Mary Magdalene, a puzzling component and we will see the reason why.

Mary the mother is Isis the mother of Horus. As Horus is the child and as a matter of fact rebirth of Osiris, so Isis or Mary is additionally his sister and sweetheart. She is each of the three, the ladylike trinity. Mary Magdalene accordingly is the secret admirer of Jesus who is both God and the Son of God, very much like Horus. And all of this secret practice relates back to the antiquated snake clique as Isis, Osiris and Horus had solid relationship with the imaginative, astute and godlike snake. A similar female trinity can truth be told additionally be found in Celtic fantasy and even India with Kali.

Jesus was in the long run compared to the Mosaic "shameless snake in the wild" and imaged many times as a snake upon the cross. Here we have that lined up with Arthur, whose name, Pendragon, signifies "head snake" or "top of the snake."

Now that we can see with only these couple of models there is a genuine code astir. An old code going right once more into old Egypt and then some, through Osiris and Isis and to Enki and Ninkhursag in Sumeria and Mesopotamia who were referred to themselves as snake clerics or specialists.

However, what is this code telling us?

Essentially that to bring forth our own savior or blessing, or to save ourselves, we should be in association with intelligence, which is represented as both water and the snake - thus Arthur Pendragon and his significant other the Queen of Serpents, or the early Enki and Ninkhursag, who were snake divinities or Shining Ones and were along these lines images of illumination.

As God was upon the essence of the waters of the somewhere down in Genesis, so too should we lower ourselves in astuteness to achieve the heavenly creation inside us.

All in all, presently we comprehend that Jesus and Mary in association could be an allegory or for sure a duplicate of this antiquated framework, what are we left with?

The reality of the Da Vinci Code is truth be told more genuine than individuals know. Jesus and Mary wedded, in the Gnostic sense and not the exacting sense. They brought forth a kid and he was referred to just as Gnosis. Nonetheless, the abhorrent twin sibling known as Catholicism attempted to clear him out, similar to Set attempted to obliterate Osiris, or Mordred killed Arthur or the Sheriff of Nottingham killed Robin. In the end Set, Mordred and the Sheriff were themselves cut down, so what will be the decision on the Catholic Church?

This secret truth behind the shroud of the exacting Christianity conceals the genuine reality of the Holy Grail, that it, similar to speculative chemistry, is a work on oneself. The inquiry presently is, who does it serve?

Indeed, one thing we do be aware, the associations discussed in the Da Vinci Code, like the Jesuits and the Opus Dei, have without a doubt attempted to keep this self engaging truth from humankind. The justification behind this is basic, with the information on our own god-head we never again need a cleric or a congregation thus they lose riches and influence. We should investigate a portion of these associations and see exactly what they have been doing.

The Society of Jesus or Jesuits was established in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola and from that point forward has developed from the first seven to almost 30000 individuals who work out of almost 2000 houses in north of 100 nations. As indicated by J. Parnell McCarter in his Puritan News Service, Ignatius was himself a Gnostic illuminist - an individual from the Alumbrados of Spain, his home.

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