Pirateers Game Review – It’s A Pirate’s Life For Us!

Pirateers is a phenomenal experience game in which you can get in the driver's seat of a typical Pirate boat and advance toward Pirate notoriety!

The player has a ton of opportunity in the game and can pick how they wish to play and get done with responsibilities in any request which is one of the features of the game. Sail the oceans, Battle against other risky privateers, Run away from Navy Fleets, Take on missions, loot for gold and even chase out secret fortune spots.

Follow the story line and excursion through the virtual world attempting to track down the 5 bits of Neptune's Eye. Or on the other hand in the event that you favor why not simply do what Pirate's prefer to do best and be a scallywag looting a few dealers? The decision ultimately depends on you youthful Captain!

Ships and Ship Upgrades

In Pirateers, you can chief one of 3 boats -

The Batavia

Speed - Average

Harm - Average

Shield - Average

Additional items - Pirate Launcher, Dragon Ram

The AveMaria

Speed - Low

Harm - High

Shield - High

Additional items - Giant Fishnet, Revenge

Note: The AveMaria is just playable whenever you've finished the game with Batavia.

The Janamahe

Speed - High

Harm - Average

Protective layer - Low

Additional items - Oil Spray, Energy Cloak

Note: The Janamahe is just playable       300 blackout ammo for sale     assuming you play the game direct on Armor Games.

Each boat can be improved and redesigned by going to the Ship Yard once you have earn't or pillaged sufficient goods.

Here you can overhaul coming up next boat's choices:

Shield Upgrade - Improves Defense

Speed - Improves Max Speed

Charge - Improves Cannon Reload Time

Freight - Hold and Loot more Gold/Treasure

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